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Summer Cleaning Tips

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Summer Cleaning Checklist

It’s the last month of the season, and as summer begins a slow exit, now is a perfect time to freshen up your space and give TLC to your home before a new season begins. We’ve put together a quick and easy Summer Cleaning Checklist to help you clean up in a jiffy, so you can get back to the pool, the beach or the barbeque in no time.
Head outdoors. During the summer months, we spend more time with our friends and family in our outdoor spaces, giving our outdoor furniture and patios a good workout. Give your patio a quick scrub or spray down, wiping down and disinfecting patio furniture to eliminate excess pollen and stray food or beverage spills. Give your grill a fine tuning, by removing the cooking grates and soaking them in warm water (scrub with a wire brush, as needed).
Take inventory of your indoor space. Rinse off and wipe down air conditioning vents and registers, to remove dust and pollen that may have accumulated. Peek into your pantry and decide what to keep and what to lose. Unwanted items can go either to the local Foodbank, or, if expired, into the trash. Finally, wipe down shelves to remove any stains or dust.
Give your beach bag and outdoor linens and towels some love. Empty your beach bag and remove any expired or exploded bottles of sunscreen. If possible, wipe down and launder the inside of the bag. Throw out unwanted items that have collected over the past few months. Freshen up beach towels and blankets by laundering them in hot water and adding fabric softener to the final rinse.
For more tips and resources on freshening up your home for every season, head over here. Enjoy these last few weeks of warmth and sunshine and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the pool!

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