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Memorial Day Recipes

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Memorial Day weekend is the official kickoff to summer and pool season, and brings with it a long weekend to spend with family, celebrating our country and remembering those who have bravely fallen in its service.

If you plan to get together for a group picnic or outdoor barbeque and are tired of last year's same old potato salad and burgers, we've compiled a list of new receipes to jazz up your cookout spread. From decadent chile con queso stuffed burgers and honey chicken kabobs to brown rice salads, creamy pasta salads and a delightful fruit pizza, we've highlighted dishes that are sure to satisfy everyone.

Start off Summer with a patriotic, Memorial Day celebration with your friends and family and indulge in these new twists on some of your favorite cookout recipes. As always, remember to stay safe, and take a moment to honor those who have died serving our country this Memorial Day Weekend. We are so grateful for their sacrifice.

  1. Mini Pork Cheeseburgers. Topped with jack cheese and perfectly sized as an appetizer, side dish or even main dish at your barbeque or picnic, these mini cheeseburgers are as tasty as they are cute.
  2. Crunchy Lemonade Drumsticks. This zesty, crunchy chicken dish is a perfect compliment to any picnic or party. Surprise and delight your guests with flavors of bursting lemon, and crisp, panko-crusted chicken.
  3. Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs. Marinate these sweet and savory kabobs overnight and grill them at your next picnic as an alternative to traditional Memorial Day burgers or hot dogs. Healthy, light and packed with veggies, your guests will celebrate the change!
  4. Nutty Brown Rice Salad. A Memorial Day picnic isn't always the best place to go for nutritious, healthy foods, but you can change that quickly with this chilled, refreshing rice salad. Chock full of brown rice, veggies and protein-packed almonds, this salad has a delicous flavor and a satisfying, crunchy texture.
  5. Bacon Ranch Potato Salad. Go big at this year's family barbeque with this hearty and seriously rich potato salad recipe. Easy and fast to make, your guests will be talking about this side dish for weeks afterward.
  6. Chile Stuffed Cheeseburger. Filled with chile con queso and topped with melted jack cheese, this indulgent cheeseburger recipe is for the gourmet barbeque guest. Seriously savory, juicy and bursting (literally) with gooey goodness, this burger is not for the mild at heart.
  7. Grilled Glazed Salmon Sandwiches with Bacon. Sweet, savory and packed with healthy omega-3 fats, you can feel mostly healthy (remember the bacon!) enjoying this crispy, zesty salmon sandwich topped with bacon and horseradish and encased in a toasted kaiser bun (yum).
  8. Creamy Pasta Salad with Celery. Crunchy meets creamy is this lemon-infused, cool pasta salad dish laced with celery and crisp onions. Simple to prepare, this dish will keep well for days after your picnic, so pack up those leftovers!
  9. Easy Apple Cole Slaw. Fresh fruit, veggies and a light, sweet dressing make this a great dish for families of all ages (kids really dig this). Add some nutrition to your family picnic without too much work in this simple, satisfying dish. 
  10. Easy Patriotic Fruit Pizza. If it's your job to bring dessert this year, get ready to wow the crowd with this delightful fruit pizza, packed with fruit, sugar cookie goodness and creamy cream cheese.

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