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Tips for Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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As the holidays head into full swing and your social calendar begins to fill up with parties, luncheons and more, it can be easy to get swept away and forget entirely to take care of yourself and your health. While celebrating is good for the soul, too much alcohol, sugar and food, and not enough sleep and water, can begin to weigh you down. Literally.

Embrace the season and festivities with cheer and a clear cut strategy for maintaining optimal health, good rest and a balanced diet. You'll find that when you take care of yourself first, you can bring that much more energy and joy into your family gatherings, work parties and special time spent with friends. 

Here are tips to help you stay healthy throughout the holiday season, so that you can begin the new year feeling your best and ready to take on anything. As always, we wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with good health and the people you love.

Stay Hydrated
This may seem like common sense, but getting yourself dehydrated is easier than you think when you're consuming alcohol and heavy foods. Make sure to up your water intake now to help offset some of the upcoming social celebrations that may leave you drained. Try to alternate water with alcohol at your upcoming parties by drinking one glass of water for each glass of wine or beer, etc. Remember that deyhdration affects your insides and your outsides, including your skin, hair and digestion, so keep your cup full (literally), all season long.

Don't Skip Meals
Missing meals becomes easy during busy times when you're running to and fro, but try your hardest to prevent missing too many meals to keep your metabolism on track, and help you to make healthy choices. Plan ahead, pack healthy snacks and try to sit down 3 times during the day to slowly chew food that fuels you and is rich in vegetables, fruit, healthy fats and protein. Even if you know you're headed to a big dinner at the end of the day, plan to eat your usual meals to help you stay full and combat overeating, later.

Say No and Stay In
Sometimes, too much celebrating is just too much celebrating. If you find yourself feeling tired, low or run down, it may be time to turn down a social event in favor of staying in and getting rest and restorative down time. It's nearly impossible to spend every night or weekend out without burning the candle at both ends, so listen to your body, and choose to stay in when you know you need the down time.

We know it gets busy and difficult to get it all in during these chaotic holidays, but try your hardest not to get rid of your regluar exercise habit. Set your alarm a little earlier to ensure you get a morning sweat in, or say no to working late and head to yoga after work instead. Make sure to carve out time to move your body to help you stay grounded and connected, all season long.

Spend Wisely
Financial health is one of those things you may not think about until you discover you don't have any. Overspending is easy during the holidays when you're out for dinner and drinks, or shopping and parties, several days a week. Before the holidays go into full swing, set a realistic budget for shopping, dining and entertainment, and plan to stick to it straight on through to the new year. 

Wash Your Hands Often
Germs can spread fast during the holidays, especially at packed parties or in busy grocery aisles. Make sure to wash your hands often, and wipe down surfaces in your home and in your office. Turn on your inner germaphobe while traveling on planes, buses or trains to visit family, and pack antibacterial wipes and sanitizer to keep your hands germ free while you're on the go.

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