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Super Bowl Recipe Ideas

Posted by: Mira Roberts

As you gear up for the big game in a few short weeks, it's time to start gathering recipes of your favorite party foods. Getting together with friends and neighbors to watch the Super Bowl is a once a year event, and the perfect time to break out hearty, cheesy and zesty recipes that will go nicely with an intense game between rivals.

If you're hosting a football party this year, or are invited to a potluck and searching for appetizers, party foods and hearty, main dishes to provide, you're in good luck! We've scoured the internet to find the best game day recipes to satisfy everyone, including the younger sports fans in your life. 

Get ready for another amazing game, outstanding half-time performances and those award-winning commercials (they get us every time!) with these delicious super bowl recipe ideas.

Spicy Sriracha Chicken Wings
It's not a football game without wings, and this spicy wings recipe from Food & Wine is one of a kind! Packed with heat and so much flavor, you'll want to save these wings for the hot sauce lovers in your life (and keep them away from kids). 

Pizza Rolls
Cheese, cheese and more cheese is the name of the game with this decadent and bite sized recipe that will please the big and small sports fans at your party. Packed with two different types of cheese and so easy to make, you'll win over the most mouths at your potluck party when you bring this dish.

Honey BBQ Wings
For those members of your crew who can't stomach hot spice, these honey bbq wings will hit the spot. Sweet and tangy and packed with your favorite flavors, you'll need to double the recipe to keep enough on hand (they go quick!).

Ranch Potato Wedges
Cheesy potato wedges covered in zesty ranch and bacon make this dish a hearty snack packed with flavor and texture. A perfect way to fill your stomach if you choose to imbibe during the game, these wedges also make for excellent comfort food in those moments when your team misses a throw.

S'mores Nachos
Satisfy your crowd's sweet tooth with this decadent and easy-to-make s'mores recipe. With just 3 ingredients and less than 30 minutes prep time, you'll win over your party without much work, and hopefully watch your team win along the way!

Nacho Roll Ups
Turn nachos into bite sized roll ups with this easy, unexpected recipe that is perfect for kids and adults on game day. Crunchy tortilla chips and gooey cheese give these bites a delightful texture and tons of flavor your crowd will swoon for!

Hot Artichoke Spinach Dip
When you want to bring lighter fare to your game day gathering, but don't want to sacrifice flavor or your favorite dishes, turn to this hot artichoke and spinach dip for the solution. Made with low fat mozzarella and neufchatel cream cheese, you'll get all the cheesy, creamy flavor without the added fat! Use baked chips for dipping to keep fat and calories down, and you'll be able to indulge without losing your waistline.

Sweet and Sour Pork Sliders
Tangy, sweet and salty flavors come together in these crunchy, asian-inspired pork sliders that will wow the crowd at your gathering without weighing them down. Perfect for those looking to mix up traditional pork slider recipes, these sliders are also easy to make (win-win!).

Chocolate and Raspberry Beer
This cocktail takes decadence to the finish line by merging chocolate stout with raspberry liqueur. You only watch the super bowl once a year, so give yourself the gift of dessert in a glass, and whip up this cocktail for yourself, or a crowd.


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