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End of Summer Declutter

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Spring is often understood to be the season for cleaning and purging of old or unused goods, but summer's end is the perfect time to pare down and get your apartment ready for fall. In fact, each time the season's change, it can be helpful to take stock of your home goods, clothes, shoes and pantry, and eliminate the items that are no longer serving you.

Clearing your space from season to season will help you to adjust your life and lifestyle to meet your changing needs, and it will lead to less wasteful storage down the road. Use the last weeks of summer to browse through your closets, pantry space, beach bags and cabinets, and commit yourself to getting rid of what you don't need. Whether it's old, ill fitting swimsuits, expired sunscreen or 5 year old bath towels you need to toss or give away, make sure to spend an hour or two each weekend until your home feels thoroughly decluttered. Taking the time to eliminate now will save you in the long run--we promise!

Here are some of our tried and true tips for decluttering at the end of summer.

Old Towels
Whether you've been storing up old beach towels or bath towels, if they're beginning to look threadbare, or worse, if they've begun to smell, it's time to either throw them out or donate them to a local animal rescue. 

Swim Gear and Summer Clothes
If your favorite bathing suit is losing its elastic or beginning to look faded or worn, toss it. Bathing suits that don't fit can be donated, and old flip flops and sandals that are either worn down or never worn, can either be tossed or given away. Begin to take inventory of your summer clothes, and decide what you'll want to keep and store for next year, and what you may want to donate, consign or offer to a friend. 

Beach Bag Contents
Gather your beach bags and search through them for old or expired sunscreen, old goggles or broken pool noodles. Toss anything that you know you won't use next summer, dump out sand and wipe out the insides of each bag carefully.

Old Makeup
Look through your makeup drawer and makeup bags and toss old makeup, including mascara wands, chapsticks, lip glosses and blush brushes. You should replace your makeup brushes and wands regularly, and remember that liquid makeup products should be tossed every few months. Get rid of nail polishes you don't use or that have begun to clump, and pick up a new makeup bag to store the products you keep.

Expired Medications and Ointments
Check your medicine cabinet for expired medications, ointments and creams, and toss anything that isn't safe to use any longer. Old prescriptions can also be thrown away, as well as products that you've used once and likely won't use again.

Expired Condiments
Your pantry and refrigerator can be cluttered with old condiments after a season of dining al fresco and cooking on the grill. Check your refrigerator and pantry for expired ketchups, mustards, BBQ sauces and mayonnaise. Toss anything that has expired, or has been open and hasn't been used within 5 days.

Tattered School Supplies
If your child is preparing to head back to school in a few weeks, take stock of their school supplies from last year. Throw out old binders with cracks in them, markers and glue sticks that have dried up or fully used notebooks. Going through your child's stash of supplies now will help to inform you of how many supplies you'll need to pick up in the coming weeks, and you may discover a few unused items that can be put to use this year!



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