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5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Apartment for the New Year

Posted by: Mira Roberts

As the new year approaches, it may feel like time to make a new start in many areas of your life, including your space at home. One of the simplest and most satisfying ways to begin turning a new leaf over is by bringing fresh design elements into your home, or by finally completing unfinished DIY or home projects that have been cast aside during the holiday season.

After holiday spending, you may not want to unload your savings to redecorate or furnish the rooms in your home. Instead, refresh your apartment with budget-friendly ideas that can transform your space without much legwork or financial investment.

Start the new year with a clean slate at home, and bring order, style and fresh design ideas into your apartment on a budget you can live with. Here are 5 budget-friendly ways to refresh your apartment this January that will help to bring you your best year, yet!

Dress Your Windows
One of the fastest and easiest ways to tie a room together or shake up the color scheme or style is to put up curtains or change your existing curtains. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the look you love in your living space. Check out Target, Home Goods, Tuesday Mornings and even Amazon for deals on curtains, and you can quickly create a whole new experience in each of your rooms without a huge investment. 

Adjust Your Accents
When you can't afford to splurge on new furnishings, focus on adjusting your accent design and make a whole lot of impact without spending a whole lot of money. Picking up new throw pillows, blankets, vases and picture frames can be done for less than $100, and will give you the chance to bring bold new colors into your living space, or more muted tones and a calmer design aesthetic in your bedroom.

Update Your Artwork
Purchasing new artwork can sound like an expensive ordeal, when in fact, you can create and purchase items to decorate your walls without spending hundreds of dollars. Try converting your own beautiful photos and images onto canvas, and you can hang your own work to match your personal style for less than $50. Or, visit Target or Home Goods and look for sale items, wall decals and even inexpensive mirrors that can be simply framed and hung above a mantle or bed. 

Change Your Lighting
Upgrading your lighting or purchasing new table and floor lamps can go a long way to improve the aesthetic and mood in your home. Instead of using overhead lights in the evenings, pick up two floor lamps and a few inexpensive table lamps to place on side tables, beside your bed or at your desk. Good lighting goes a long way, after all.

When you have no budget left to spend or simply don't feel up to investing in new furnishings or decor, rearrange what you already have and make an immediate difference in the style and flow of your home! Move your bed to an opposing wall, turn your couch and chairs to face a different direction, move bookshelves out of bedrooms and into living rooms, etcetera. Even making small adjustments like swapping out side tables and reorganizing bookshelves will feel like an instant change and improvement, setting you up for a new year filled with productivity and renewed energy!

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