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5 Reasons Owning a Pet is Good for Your Health

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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You probably already know how much happiness your pet brings to both you and your family, but you may not know that there’s actual scientific evidence that pets, and dogs in particular, are good for you mental and physical health.

Being a pet owner comes with tons of perks, like cuddles and snuggles just when you need them, and forming a bond with an animal that truly loves you unconditionally. Your pet also does a lot to help keep your body moving, your heart healthy and your mind at ease, helping you to enjoy a better quality of life!

Since we’re pet owners and lovers ourselves, we thought we’d share a few reasons that research now shows your pet is keeping you healthier and happier! So, give those furry family members some extra love today, because they give back a lot of love in return!

Dogs Keep You Active
Being a dog owner, in particular, is shown to keep you more physically active and moving, helping you to maintain a healthy weight and get in your daily dose of exercise. Most dogs require daily walking, and as your dog’s number one dog walker, you’ll reap the benefits of taking Fido out for long walks around our neighborhood. Dogs also require play and exercise that keeps their owners up and moving with them. The fact is that owning a dog doesn’t lend itself to having a sedentary lifestyle, and that’s a good thing for your health and theirs!

Pets Prevent Loneliness
Owning a pet can help to prevent feelings of loneliness and depression, since the companionship of a pet can be fulfilling and rewarding, no matter what kind of stress you’re facing in your everyday life. Forming a lasting bond with your pet can help to reduce your blood pressure and your anxiety, causing you to feel more relaxed and at ease, overall.

Stress Reduction
Your pet’s companionship and unconditional love can serve as an antidote to stress and anxiety, but you probably already knew that! Pet owners who get out for regular walks with their pups will find that time spent outdoors with their dog instantly reduces stress and anxiety. Cat owners who come home to cuddle up next to their purring companions will also note that the relationship and company of a loving animal helps to keep them grounded and at ease.

Good for Your Heart
Pets are shown to reduce your blood pressure, keep you active and provide you with reduced stress and anxiety, all leading you to have a healthier heart. Even if you aren’t out walking twice a day with your dog, cats are shown to reduce blood pressure as well, through the psychological benefits associated with their loving companionship. While it’s important to eat well and exercise, it’s good to know that your fur-baby is here to boost your heart health, too!

Keep You Social
Most pets are social creatures, and that means they’ll do their part to help keep you social and connected to your community. Whether through regular visits to the community Bark Park or through neighborhood walks or pet owner events, it’s likely that your dog will connect you with other like-minded dog owners.

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