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Declutter Your Kitchen for Fall

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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Fall is one of our favorite seasons for cooking and baking, and we delight in the fragrant scents of pumpkin, nutmeg, roasted vegetables, creamy soups and baked breads at home.

If you spent a large part of your summer eating salads or grilling outdoors with friends and neighbors, you may find that your kitchen needs a little help getting it back in shape for the cooking season. It’s easy to declutter your kitchen in twenty minutes or less, especially if you stick to a plan and act decisively. Clearing away clutter now will make space for you to truly enjoy your beautiful kitchen space, and even inspire those around you to use it more!

To get started, you’ll need to grab a bin, bag or boxes to place items that you eliminate, and then you’ll need to muster up the guts to let go of anything you no longer need. Once you get started, you’ll find that clearing your space is simple and satisfying, and you’ll be ready to put your kitchen back to good work, all season long!

Start by opening up your cabinet doors and getting down to business. Throw out chipped plates and cups, old cleaning supplies, expired medications, coupons and food products, first. Then, gather up multiples of coffee mugs and dishware, water bottles that go unused, baking sheets, pots and pans that aren’t used, cookbooks, tools and paper plates and napkins and donate, sell or toss out what you don’t definitely need.

Use the same methodology with your drawers that you used with cabinets, and begin by tossing out anything expired, old or broken. Once finished, check your silverware for excessive multiples, plastic silverware that goes unused, old invitations, notes or thank you cards that got shoved away and forgotten. Head to your junk drawer last, and empty it in entirety. Be selective, and throw out anything that isn’t immediately necessary and useful.

Now that your cabinets are drawers are clutter-free, check your counters to see what you’re leaving out that can either be stored better in a cabinet or drawer, or perhaps donated, sold or throw out. Do you need to leave your toaster out all day, every day, or can you unplug it and store it under your counter until its next use? The same goes for any other kitchen tools or appliances that aren’t used daily. If you keep frames, photos and other keepsake items on your counter, consider paring these down to one or two items, and placing the rest in other parts of your home to save space.

Now, it’s time to tackle any freestanding furniture you may have placed in your kitchen, like a small hutch or movable cabinet. Remove any items that aren’t being consistently used in your kitchen, and consider storing any other items elsewhere. If you keep extra silverware, pots or pans here, the same rule applies as above: eliminate what you don’t need, and give yourself the gift of extra space.

Above Refrigerator
Somehow, the refrigerator becomes a catch-all for items that don’t fit into cabinets or don’t easily organize into drawers, but it’s time to clear it off. Remove vases, oversized plates, cereal boxes or any other items that may have found their way to the top of your fridge, and either donate, sell or throw away what you do not need.

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