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5 Winter Activities Your Pet Will Love

Dog named Duke

Winter is here, and for your pet, that can mean fewer romps outdoors and less play time. Before you and your fur-baby succumb to winter’s cold weather limitations, take time to plan fun and active winter activities with your pet that will keep you both active, no matter the conditions outside.

Even in a snowstorm, it’s possible to give your pet new ways to play that will give them the exercise they need and the loving connection they crave. If you have a large or active breed pup, keeping your pup moving will be crucial to their health and happiness. Consider signing these types of pets up for indoor agility classes and organize indoor play with games designed to stimulate and excite your pet. Whenever conditions improve, head outdoors immediately, to hike, walk or run one of our state’s many beautiful state parks.

If your pet qualifies, consider using this season to get certified as a volunteer pet who can help to lift spirits in hospitals and nursing homes, all year long. Make time for social time, and no matter what, give your pet extra loving care to keep their connection needs met.

Making time for winter activities is easy when you have a plan. Here are 5 winter activities for your pet, to keep you both feeling your best, all season long!

Indoor Play
When you’re stuck inside, don’t despair. Plan ahead and be ready with indoor games and activities that will keep your pet stimulated and engaged. Consider picking up extra laser pointers, toys and scratching posts for your feline family members, and purchasing new chew toys and interactive activities for your pup. You might also consider using the time indoors to teach your dog new tricks, or simply give them extra lap time, cuddles and love.

Get Social
In winter, your pet’s social calendar can quickly dry up, so you’ll need to make sure to schedule time to socialize and play with other pups. If you have neighbors or friends with dogs who like to play, schedule in a weekly playdate at our Bark Park or a nearby park that you prefer. As long as weather permits, bundle up the pups and let them run and play, and you’ll see your pup’s special spark light up instantly.

Agility & Training Classes
Take advantage of cold weather months indoors, to give your pup training and exercise they'll enjoy, and sign them up for training and agility classes. Expect to give your pup extra social time, excellent training and obedience skills and a lot of fun and exercise! You can check with your veterinarian to find out about recommended agility classes in the area, or call your local animal shelter for advice.

Give Back
Winter months inside a nursing home or hospital can seem extra long, and a visit from a friendly, kind and gentle animal like your pet might be just what the doctor ordered. Consider calling your nearby nursing homes and hospitals to ask about requirements for visiting pets. Your pup might need to take a behavior assessment first, but once they pass, you can plan to give your pet extra love and attention while giving back for a winter win-win!

Visit State Parks
Anytime the weather perks up, leash your pup and head outdoors to hike, walk or run in nature. Our region is surrounded by natural landscapes that make for perfect exploring for your dogs, including sandy beaches, lush hiking trails and a variety of parks that are dog friendly and within short driving distance.


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