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Spring Cleaning Basics

Posted by: Mira Roberts

Spring is almost here, and that means longer days, warmer temperatures and more time spent outdoors enjoying your community and neighborhood. It also means shaking any last traces of winter out of your home by giving your apartment a good, spring cleaning.

After a long, cold winter spent inside, you’re likely feeling ready to wash and pack away winter decor and linens, and bring sparkle and shine to the rooms you live in. Doing a thorough, seasonal deep clean doesn’t have to be taxing or take up all of your time, and if you stick to the basics, it can be achieved in just a day.

Here is a list of our spring cleaning basics, to help you bring the new season into your home, so you can breathe easy and spend more time outdoors with the ones you love.

Even if you don’t have pets or family members with sticky fingers, your windows can start to look scuzzy over time. Grab a bottle of glass cleaner, and move room-by-room through your apartment, cleaning any and all windows that need it. Dust your blinds and consider dusting/washing long curtains that have gathered dust and debris over the last few months.

Fixtures/Ceiling Fans
You probably don’t get up on a stool and dust off your fans, light fixtures and light bulbs often, so make this part of your deep clean. Wipe down fan blades, dust off bulbs and wipe and clean any fixtures that have dust, bugs or debris on them.

Update Bedding/Linens
Gather up your winter bedding, blankets and towels and wash them in hot water before packing them away until next year. Break out your light, warm weather linens, and give them their own hot water wash before using them. You’ll definitely sleep better, all season long!

Dust Shelves
Visit your bookshelves, desk or other storage items with dusting spray or a good dusting wand and dust away pet hair, dust bunnies or debris. Check along window ledges, on bedside tables and any other places in your home where you gather papers or other items that can conceal dust.

Wipe Down
Think of every counter space and surface as needing a good, solid wipe down during your spring cleaning, and use antibacterial wipes and dusting wipes, when appropriate. Give your kitchen and bathroom counters a thorough wipe down, first, before heading to other surfaces in your home that need disinfecting, spot cleaning or just a simple wipe down.

Empty out your refrigerator and wash all trays and drawers. Wipe down shelves and the inside of the door, removing leftover sauces or condiments or spilled food products. Dry all shelves, trays and drawers, and restock your fridge for the new season!

Carpets & Floors
Spot clean your carpets with a carpet cleaner or a steam cleaner, before giving your carpets a good vacuuming. If you know they could use an all-over shampoo, consider hiring a carpet cleaner to come wash out pet stains or other spills that might be hard to treat on your own. Next, sweep and mop your floors with appropriate floor cleaners. By now, your apartment will definitely be filled with spring sparkle and shine!

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