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5 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Posted by: Mira Roberts
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Your mom has always made a point to celebrate you and your success, every step of the way. Now, it’s time to celebrate her, by choosing meaningful ways to show her who and what matters most.

This Mother’s Day give your mom the gift of your undivided attention and thoughtful care, and plan a day designed to fill her tank and restore her energy. Whether your mom would delight in a yoga or painting class together, a day-long bike ride in nature or her favorite dinner made by the ones she loves, there are simple and meaningful ways to show your mom how much she means to you.

Here are 5 ways to celebrate the special mom in your life this Mother’s Day!

Sign up to take a  class together
Your mom loves to spend time with you, and a special way to do this is to choose a hobby or activity she loves and join her in doing it! Sign up for a paint and sip class, her favorite yoga class, a popular cooking class or a high-energy spin class, and show your mom the love by doing what she loves.

Organize family photo session
The mom in your life likely organized countless family photo sessions and keeps the family photos organized. Do her a favor, and schedule a family photo session with a photographer you love, and capture your family on your mom’s special day. A cost-effective way to catch a good family photo is to ask a friend to snap some shots, and have them blown up on canvas or frame them as a special surprise!

Prepare her favorite meal
Whether your mom loves to cook or not, she probably loves to eat her favorite foods. Plan to prepare your mom’s most favorite meal, and sit down to enjoy it with her. Whip up a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner, and enjoy savoring both the dish and the special time spent sharing a meal with the mom you love.

Do something active
Is your mom a fitness fanatic who loves to get outdoors and move? Plan a day-long bike ride, hike or jog, and spend time with your mom moving your bodies and getting a good sweat on. The endorphins and the time spent together will have you both feeling the love!  

Perform an act of service
Your mom works hard, and would probably appreciate your taking one project off her list this Mother’s Day. Clean the house or her car, organize her closet or lug bags of mulch or yard equipment for her. Give back by giving your elbow juice, and show your mom how much you care.

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