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pet friendly townhomes

Pet Friendly Apartments

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We understand that searching for the perfect apartment includes finding just the right home for your furriest family members. Our pet friendly apartments in Hampton, VA were created to provide a comfortable, fun and relaxed lifestyle for both you and your dog or cat.

Set your best friend free in our spacious bark park, or make a doggie date to socialize your canine friend. Pet stations throughout the property are stocked with bags for your convenience. Our office regularly hosts pet appreciation days, and always has pet treats to provide your best friend with a quick pick me up or special reward.


Our cat and dog friendly apartments in Hampton Roads are managed by pet owners who appreciate the special bond you share with your pet. We understand the challenge in finding comfortable, stylish apartments for rent that allow pets, and we’re pleased to offer you and your pet a friendly, happy home at Signature Place.

FAQ about pets at Signature Place

Q:  What are your breed/weight restrictions?

A:  Signature Management Corp. does not allow the following aggressive breeds:  Rottweilers, Pit Bulls (American Stratffordshire Terrier), Doberman Pinschers, Chows, Malamutes, Akitas, Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Wolf-Hybrids, or any dog mixed with one of these breeds.  We allow pets up to 65 pounds.

Q:  But my dog is awesome!

A:  It is unfortunate, but our insurance company does not allow us to have "restricted breeds" on the property at this time and due to the layout of the property, we have elected to not take larger dogs.  We agree your dog is awesome, though!  We can recommend properties that take all breeds/sizes if you give us a call.

Q:  What are the pet fees and why do you charge them?

A:  Our fees are a $250 pet fee (non-refundable) and $30 per month.  Both of these are per pet.  Even the best pets cause wear and tear on the community inside and out- flea and grass treatments, and time spent tracking down evil pet owners who don't pick up the poo! 

Q: What's an "adoption supporter"?

A:  Here at Signature Place we have a big heart when it comes to rescued or adopted pets, and so if you rescue or adopt a furry friend, we will make a donation to our local SPCA.

Q: Do you have a special place to walk pets?

A:  We have pet stations throughout our community with free pet pick up bags, and a HUGE dog park!  We ask that you walk your dog away from the doors and sidewalks of the buildings, and instead walk them on the perimeter of the property.

PEt park

Q:  All this talk about dogs, what about cats?

A:  Cats are superior beings sent here to dominate human-kind.  Should they graciously decide to live in our community, we happily let them.