Summer Grilling Recipes

As big fans of grilling out, we tend to feel like every season should be grilling season, but there is no denying that summer is the season of the cookout. When the weather is warm and the evenings are comfortable, it just makes sense to spend time outside preparing your meal over the grill, before enjoying it on your outdoor patio or beside the pool.

Our community grills are especially popular during the spring and summer months, and we love walking the property and smelling grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie kebabs wafting through the air. This summer, we encourage you to mix up your standard grilling recipes with these excellent summer grilling ideas from some of our favorite internet foodies.

Whether you’re into big, hearty hamburgers and grilled pizza, or prefer grilled salads and salmon foil packs, we’ve chosen several summer grilling recipes that are sure to win you and your taste buds over. Cheers to another beautiful summer spent outdoors, and we can’t wait to see you beside the grills, all season long!

Salmon Foil Packs
In summer, light, flavorful fish dishes make for satisfying and light dinners that fill you up without weighing you down. These salmon foil packs are a cinch to make, and you can adjust your ingredients each time to keep your palate surprised and delighted. Prepare a few extra, then refrigerate them for use the next day on a light salad or over veggies.

California Grilled Chicken
By mid-summer, your standard grilled chicken recipe may begin to need a revamp, and this sweet and savory recipe from Delish is exactly that. Tangy balsamic vinegar and honey, fresh mozzarella and ripe avocado make this grilled chicken recipe a winner. Packed with vibrant, juicy flavors and the nutrition you need to stay energized through the heat, you may find yourself coming back to this recipe, all season long.

Beef & Broccoli Kebabs
Grilling veggie, steak, chicken or fish kebabs is one of our favorite ways to grill out in summer, but this beef and broccoli kebab recipe from Delish might be our new winner. Easy to prepare and packed with salty, savory flavor, these juicy kebabs will be a hit at a community cookout or family dinner, any night of the week!

Grilled Corn on the Cob
Summer is corn on the cob season, and sweet corn is at its ripest! If you’ve never prepared your corn on the grill, this simple recipe is the perfect way to start. Easy to prepare and grill, you can make these as a side dish to your grilled meat dishes and satisfy every person in your cookout crowd.

Grilled Herb Potatoes
Upstage your favorite burger recipe with these delicious, grilled potatoes that have zesty flavor and so much texture. Perfect as a side dish with hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQ or chicken sandwiches, even the kids in your crowd will snatch these up by the handful.

Grilled Romaine Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing
Who says salad can’t be prepared on a grill? This outstanding recipe from The Food Network is one of our favorite ways to prepare grilled salad, and it’s so easy, you can make it again and again. Mix up the recipe by swapping out ingredients, and you can prepare your grilled romaine for a caesar salad with a twist or whatever other flavors you crave this summer.

Grilled Pizza
If you’ve never tried grilled pizza, prepare to be won over with this simple recipe from The Kitchn. Because pizza cooks best in the highest heat possible (hotter than your oven can get), grilling your pizza is actually a more optimal way to cook it. You’ll swoon for the crispy crust and smoky flavors, and you’ll enjoy mixing up toppings and ingredients, all summer long.

Bobby Flay’s Perfect Burger
It wouldn’t be grilling season if you weren’t grilling burgers at least once in a while, and this recipe from Bobby Flay is certainly one you’ll want to plan to make. Simple ingredients and careful timing make this recipe a success, and hamburger afficianados will appreciate the perfect, juicy flavors and golden brown hue of the burgers when prepared correctly.

Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream
When it comes to cooking out, there’s almost nothing we won’t put on the grill, including our dessert! This grilled peach recipe is outstanding from start to finish. In summer, peaches are at their ripest, making this the perfect season for grilling them up and serving them alongside a heaping scoopful of your favorite vanilla ice cream.