It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a year to remember, and one that has come with unexpected challenges in abundance. As the year comes to a close and you begin thinking about how you’d like to begin 2021, consider choosing New Year’s resolutions that bring you lasting peace, calm, inspiration and stability to help you meet these challenging times.

Whether you’re tired of resolving to the same old diet and exercise routine or you just know your mental health and finances are in need of extra uplift, we have resolution ideas to help you make 2021 your best year yet – no matter what changes come your way.

Build Your Best Budget
This year, commit to your financial health by resolving to build your best budget yet and stick to it. Whether you wish to save more, get out of debt or simply begin using a budget for the first time, now is the time. You can choose to use online apps like Mint or Every Dollar, or enroll in online budgeting or financial workshops to help get you started.

Read More
Stimulate your mind this year by resolving to read more. Start small with one book a month, and recruit your friends or family members to join you. If you’re already reading, then resolve to amp up your volume by reading one book a week or choosing to tackle new subject matter or authors you’ve been curious about.

Cook One New Recipe a Week
We know you’ve gotten tired of cooking the same recipes day after day and week after week, especially during the pandemic when visiting restaurants and eating out is discouraged. Choose to ramp up your recipes and meal plans this year by cooking one new recipe a week, and be as adventurous or basic as you prefer. Try cooking international cuisine or your favorite restaurant staples that you miss.

Quit Your Habit for Good
If you’ve been talking about kicking your smoking habit or finally cutting up your credit cards and tackling your spending habits, choose now as the time. Seek support from your doctor or reach out to friends and family members for help getting started. Set up a plan of action with your support system and make this the year you make the change.

Buy a Plant and Keep it Alive
If you live alone and find yourself feeling lonely or isolated, try picking up a beautiful plant to care for. Indoor plants come with loads of health benefits, as they clean and detoxify the air you breathe, and they add color and texture to the rooms you live in. The simple act of caring for something living might just be the boost you need to make this your best year yet.

Commit to Your Mental Health
Instead of focusing on your waistline this new year, focus on the ways you truly feel. If your mental health has taken a toll this past year, resolve to starting remote therapy or join a virtual mindfulness group. Commit to your mental health by practicing daily self-care and cultivating a solid support system around you.

Try a New Hobby
Don’t let winter blues and boredom steal your shine this year – try a new hobby and find new forms of purpose, play and fun in being a beginner again. If you’ve always wanted to learn to knit, now is the time. Try out roller skating, sewing or chess. There are loads of activities and hobbies that are safe to begin and easy to learn remotely during the pandemic, to help you try something new without risking your health.

Start a Journal
Commit to connecting to yourself this year by finally beginning that journaling practice you’ve been talking about for years. Start small, by resolving to write in your journal twice a week, and consider working up to a daily journaling practice for as little as five minutes at a time. You’ll find that journaling helps you to clear your mind, organize your thoughts and stimulate creativity in ways you hadn’t expected.

Walk More
Rather than commit to an exhausting and overly ambitious exercise regime, simplify your health and wellness goals by resolving to walk more every day. Simply heading outdoors for 15 minutes of walking a day adds up over time, and the more you walk, the better you’ll feel. Especially during times of isolation or in the midst of winter and cold weather blues, walking can help to stimulate blood flow, clear your head and shoo daily stressors away.

One Act of Kindness a Week
In a world divided by so much, choosing kindness can be a truly revolutionary act. Performing one act of a kindness a week can have a lasting impact and create a ripple effect in your community and into the world. This year, rather than wish for the world to be a kinder place, resolve to be kinder through one simple act of kindness a week.