One of the best things about smart home devices is that they don’t require cutting into walls or hiring a professional to navigate a complicated installation process. Most smart home devices are renter-friendly, simplifying your life without doing damage to your apartment and easily moved if you find yourself preparing to relocate.

Smart Home devices generally require a tablet, phone or app to set up, and can be managed either inside your home or while you’re away. They’re as affordable as they are easy to use and can help you with puppy care, keeping your apartment clean and even just everyday ease of living.

Here are our top picks for smart devices that’ll give you even more of the everyday convenience you’re looking for at home.

Smart Bulbs
Renters can rejoice in never having to use a lightswitch or enter a dark room again with a long list of smart bulb products that will make your life literally brighter. Simply screw in a smart bulb and control it via your smart home device or app, You can turn lights on for pets when you know you’ll be working late, or put them on a timer to go on or off depending on your schedule.

Smart Plugs
All you need to make a smart plug work its magic is a smartphone and an empty outlet. Smart plugs are easy to use and can automate nearly every element of your home life. Schedule table lamps to turn on or off, fans to turn on at specific times or the TV to be turned off if you know you’ll fall asleep in front of it. As an added bonus, these are usually low profile and easy to conceal in an apartment, so they don’t take up space or crowd your design aesthetic.

Smart Speaker & Display
By now, you’ve probably heard of Echo, Google Home and Sonos One, all three leading brands of smart home assistants. These devices are generally controlled by your voice or via an app on your phone, and can be used to order products, steam music, learn the weather, make calls and a long list of other handy tools. Many smart speakers now come with display options that make it possible to steam shows and video call friends and family, as well.

Pet Nanny Cam
You can rest easier each day with a long list of pet nanny cam products designed to help you monitor your fur family from an app on your smartphone.. The Furbo Dog Camera provides spectacular video monitoring, plus bark alerts and two-way audio so you can talk to and listen to your pup from wherever you are. It’ll give both you and your pup peace of mind when you can’t be together.

Robot Vacuum
The list of robot vacuum products has grown increasingly longer over the last five years, with technology that can now be completely managed by an app on your phone and with the tap of a button. Roomba’s iRobot can be programmed to clean specific rooms in your home only, and you can turn it on when you leave and set a timer to turn it off within an hour. Returning home to clean carpets and floors feels pretty good, and many robot vacuum products can now be purchased for less than $200.