Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with Covid 19 still spreading across the country, it’s likely to look somewhat different this year.

Even if you can’t spend a long night out at your favorite restaurant or plan a big Valentine’s Day party for your friends and family, there are still many ways to make this Valentine’s Day special and filled with love.

Dress up and dine in, write heartfelt notes to your loved ones and plan a day of crafting, baking and spreading the love with little ones at home. Valentine’s Day is always a good reminder to make time for the ones you love, and a global pandemic can’t change that.

Here are five fun ways to make Valentine’s Day special during Covid 19.

Go Big on Dinner at Home
If you can’t dress up and head out to your favorite restaurant for cocktails and dinner, then dress up and order in! Who says you have to stay in sweats to spend a special night together? Dress in your finest, order your favorite foods from a restaurant you love and make craft cocktails for you and your special someone. Whip up a special playlist and set the table with your best china. It might not be the night out that you’re used to, but it will certainly be a night to remember.

Take an Online Cooking Class Together
The pandemic has made it possible for us to access classes and learning environments online like never before. Take advantage of the long list of virtual cooking classes you can take from all over the world, and sign up together with a loved one. Whether you’re separated by distance or in the same room, you’ll have fun and make special memories learning to cook your favorite foods together.

Treat Yourself to a Day of Self-Care
Whether you’re coupled or not, use Valentine’s Day as a reminder to give your body and mind extra tender, loving care. Treat yourself to an entire day of self-care and rest in whatever ways work best for you. If it means scheduling a massage or going for a long hike in the woods, make it a priority on this day of love. Eat food that nourishes you, listen to your favorite music, sleep in or go to bed early. We promise you’ll finish the day feeling the love.

Write Letters to Those You Love
While you may not be able to be beside your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, you can send them letters that will certainly fill their hearts. Start early, and take time to write letters expressing your gratitude and appreciation for those who matter most. You’ll light up your loved ones hearts for sure this year – no matter how far apart you are.

Craft or Bake With Kids
Traditional Valentine’s Day parties are generally out of the question this year, but crafting, baking and having your own party together at home is not. Make the day extra special for the little loved ones in your life by choosing a fun crafting activity they love. Cut out paper hearts, pick up strands of colorful garland and decorate your home from top to bottom with them. Bake up a few batches of heart-shaped cookies to decorate, then pour a glass of milk and enjoy the fruits of your labor together. After all, doing things together is a great way to show your love.