Spring cleaning season has arrived and after a winter spent at home, it’s likely your apartment needs it. Spring brings with it longer days and warmer temperatures, meaning you’ll be able to spend more time outside. Giving your apartment a seasonal deep clean helps to prepare you and your home for the changes ahead.

Before you head outdoors to smell the flowers in bloom, give your home the bright refresh it deserves.

Here are 3 easy steps to help you prepare for a successful spring cleaning.

Restock Cleaning Supplies
If it’s been a while since you dug in for a deep clean, you’ll need to check your stock of supplies and tools first. Make a list of products you’re low on or tools that need replacing. If your vacuum is barely squeaking along, now is the time to invest in a new one. Dusty brooms, old mops and an empty bottle of disinfectant spray will all need to be replaced. Once you know what items you’ll need to kick off your big clean, stock up online or at your favorite store.

Before you can clean, you’ll have to clear up clutter around your apartment. Decluttering can include downsizing toys and clothes, tossing out old sheets and towels, throwing out expired products and getting rid of stacks of papers and old mail. You may want to start by going room to room, and creating four bins to place items in: Keep, Throw Away, Donate/Give Away, Sell.

Once you’ve decided where your items will go, get organized. Create a filing system at your desk, an electronics charging station on your counter and an entryway catch all for keys, sunglasses, jackets and shoes. The more you create places to put things, the less likely they’ll end up jumbled up in a pile on a table or floor.

Plan Ahead
Before you clean, create your strategy. If you know that your kitchen and bathrooms need the most elbow grease, start there. If baseboards, floors and carpets require major attention, begin there. Organize your process so that you begin in the rooms and spaces that need the most work. You may need to set aside multiple days to tackle the entire cleaning. It’s much easier to conquer a deep clean when you break it up into parts, so plan ahead for best results.