We pride ourselves on being “people” people, and our commitment to both excellence and responsibility means that our passion is making people’s lives better at home. That’s why we stay closely connected to our residents’ experiences through regular surveys, reviews and in-person events.

At Signature Place, we believe that the greatest measure of our success is the quality of our customer service and overall happiness of our residents. We make it our mission to understand the ins and outs of why our residents continue to come home joyfully to our award-winning apartment community in Hampton, VA.

We’re grateful to our residents for choosing to share their love of our community and staff, and we’re proud to share their positive experiences with you. Here are Resident Reviews to help you experience the good life at home at Signature Place.

I moved here just 3 weeks ago and I couldnt be happier with my new home! The location is perfect, beautiful landscape, beautiful apartments, fantastic amenities, wonderfully friendly and helpful staff and maintenance. I am very satisfied all around.

Lived here for a year and couldn’t have asked for a better customer service experience than the one Signature Place has. Always working to meet your needs to the best of their abilities. Big thumbs up!

Love living here! Pet friendly, quiet place, clean, sometimes Signature Place has fun things to do on weekends! Maintenance is on top of everything and is so nice! I also love how it’s close to Langley AFB so convenient for my husband. Great place! Signature Place is also close to many things, such as grocery stores, pet stores, fast food places and more!

My best friend has lived at signature place for the past 6 months. I am so impressed with how well maintained the apartment complex is. I like the community feeling I get when we are at the pool and clubhouse. I can’t wait to finish my rent at my current place and move to signature place!

We love living here! It is very dog friendly, the grounds are beautiful, and the staff are super friendly and helpful. They have a dog park for you pups to play at. They also do resident events that range from parties, to doggy swim days, to even breakfast on the go for you to grab on your way to work some mornings. The apartments are really nice and spacious and the fellow residents are nice and great people to live around. This complex is like a hidden gem in the coliseum/ Town center area.

Extremely animal friendly, Walking distance to numerous restaurants, an outdoor mall, and grocery stores. An enclosed dog park is available for use and is maintained regularly. Maintenance worked all of my work orders in a timely manner.

We have had minimal problems while living here and all of those problems were resolved quickly and efficiently. The staff is always pleasant and helpful and they work hard to keep the complex looking clean and inviting. They promote a sense of community by doing a lot of complex activities. After going and visiting friends in other complexes in the area, we are happy to continue to stay here where it is clean, updated, and pleasant.