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Get the latest on our commuity at Signature Place Apartments.  You'll find things to do out and about, things to try in your apartment and tips about apartment living, all right here in our blog.

Summer Grilling Recipes

Whether you're into big, hearty hamburgers and grilled pizza, or prefer grilled salads and salmon foil packs, we've chosen several Summer grilling recipes that are sure to win you and your taste buds over. Cheers to another beautiful Summer spent outdoors, and we can't wait to see you beside the grills, all season long!

How to Lower Your Electric Bill

When the weather begins to heat up, so do our electricity bills. Since we rely on electricity to run our air conditioning, all major appliances, desktop computers, televisions and to light the rooms in our apartment, there's simply no escaping a utility bill. However, with good planning and daily practice, you can keep your bill from sky rocketing, even when the temperatures outside are soaring.

5 Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners
Posted by: Mira Roberts in Pet Friendly Apartments
cat friendly townhomes

We know how much you love your furry family members, and how much they make your apartment feel like home. While caring for your pet will provide you with a host of good health benefits, their coats, nails and lifestyle will require more cleaning and care at home.


cat friendly townhomes
5 Local Restaurants to Visit this Valentine's Day
Posted by: Mira Roberts in Life in Hampton, VA

You don't have to blow your budget or break out your formal gear to eat well on the town on Valentine's Day. Many of our favorite, local restaurants are casual, relaxed and affordable. If you're a seafood buff, looking for a waterfront view, prefer small plates or just want a relaxed meal at your nearby, local tavern, you're in good luck. 

Super Bowl Recipe Ideas

If you're hosting a football party this year, or are invited to a potluck and searching for appetizers, party foods and hearty, main dishes to provide, you're in good luck! We've scoured the internet to find the best game day recipes to satisfy everyone, including the younger sports fans in your life. 

Tips for Staying Healthy Through the Holidays
Workout room

Embrace the season and festivities with cheer and a clear cut strategy for maintaining optimal health, good rest and a balanced diet. You'll find that when you take care of yourself first, you can bring that much more energy and joy into your family gatherings, work parties and special time spent with friends. 


Workout room
10 Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

Believe it or not, you can reduce your grocery budget if you plan ahead, shop smart and make strategic choices both in and outside of the store. Here are 10 tips to help you save money on groceries without sacrificing your appetite and your growling belly. 


Fall Decorating Ideas
Posted by: Mira Roberts in Life in Hampton, VA
Inside Sig Place

The season of cozying up indoors and breaking out your inner homebody is upon us. Falling leaves and shorter days signal us to break out our sweaters, bake up a batch of pumpkin bread and cuddle up on our couch. It's also time to adjust our homes to bring the new season indoors, decorating and modifying our living space to reflect autumn at its best.


Inside Sig Place
10 Benefits of Doing Yoga
Abdome_superior (1)

We're big fans of yoga, and we offer our residents complimentary yoga classes every Monday night from 6 pm to 7 pm in our peaceful and beautiful yoga room. Our residents work hard, and we want them to come home and experience a decrease in stress and improved quality of life, two things they can count on from a regular yoga practice.

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Build Your Future at Signature Place

Recently, our award-winning property received one of the highest rankings for its region on, and we're proud to share all the wonderful things our residents have to say about our property, team and apartments. Thanks to our residents' outstanding reviews, Signature Place has a 5 star rating on, 4.4 stars on Facebook and an 85% approval rating on